Brow Design / $20+
Lip / $20+
Chin / $20+


Underarm / $25+
Chest / $45+
Back / $45+
Full Leg / $55+
Lower Leg / $35+
Bikini / $40+
French Bikini / $45+
Brazilian / $55+


Facials begin with complimentary comforting tea, a tension relieving foot soak and a consultation revealing each customer's specific needs through Aveda's signature Elemental Nature Questionnaire™. Skin will be cleansed and toned before the application of a masque, accompanied by two of the following: face, neck, shoulder, hand, or foot massage. Following removal of the masque are optional extractions, the application of a moisturizer and any necessary spot treatments. From dry to sensitive to oily skin,  Zen Salon & Spa is committed to providing a personalized treatment revealing the best skin possible.

One Area of Focus / 60 min.

Esthetician / $75
Advanced Esthetician / $80+

Two Areas of Focus / 90 min.

Esthetician / $110
Advanced Esthetician / $115+


Perfecting Plant Peel / $50
Hot stone / $10
Eye zone pressure point / $10


Massages begin with complimentary comforting tea, a personalized consultation, tension relieving foot soak and sensory journey. The massage therapist will personalize the amount of pressure applied and aroma used based on specific preferences and areas of concern. Massages may be customized using Aveda's signature Rosemary Mint or Stress Fix aromas.

Custom 30-Minute Massage

Massage Therapist / $50
Advanced / $55+

Custom 60-Minute Massage

Massage Therapist / $75
Advanced / $80+

Custom 90-Minute Massage

Massage Therapist / $110
Advanced / $115+

Maternity Massage 60 min.

Massage Therapist / $85
Advanced / $90+

Stone Therapy Massage / 75 min.

Massage Therapist / $110
Advanced / $115+

Chakra Balancing Massage / 90 min. /$110+

A massage experience to balance the Chakra energy system utilizing deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, energy work and a guided meditation—all infused with Aveda’s Chakra™ Balancing Blend Aromas.

Couples Massage / 60 min. / $170+

A custom massage for two incorporating your Aveda aroma of choice.

Trigger Point Therapy / 60 min. (advanced therapist only)

This technique uses pressure to a specific part of sore muscle to relieve pain and dysfunction throughout the body. This is not a standard massage as the time will be spent on the specified areas of discomfort and accessing if another issue is causing the pain.

30 min. / $55

60 min. / $80

Cupping Massage Therapy (advanced therapist only)

Cupping is the perfect addition to any massage as it will warm up the muscle tissue and allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscle. Cupping creates a vacuum to pull tight skin and fascia away from the muscle to allow blood and lymph to flow freely and heal the muscle. Cupping is only offered as an add-on service to our other massage sessions.

as add on 15 min. / $25

as add on 30 min. / $35


Body Polish Treatments hydrate and exfoliate the body. Polishes are 45 minutes and also include a scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. 
Choose from our signature Aveda aromas: Stress Fix, Beautifying, and Shampure.

Body Wraps / $75